10 comments on “Kojie.san, Anyone?

  1. You’re right.. there are so many skin whitening products in the market but we don’t know if all of these products are effective and safe. Others says yes while others says no, its because it depends on what type of skin we have. I’ve used this product before and all I can say is it’s really effective. My friends also used this product and they were satisfied with the result.

  2. Soap, as to Safeguard as the most familiar and safest brand, Dove, as one of the expensive together with Olay and others, and the Zest, Palmolive, Silka which is somehow the lowest yet assured priced soap. These soaps existing for more than a year or so, is the one being commonly purchased by most of us in the market. But as days, months, years passed by, I could really see this soap which seems to be a magic or miracle thing not just for the one dreaming for a whither skin but also to those who wanted to stay their skin in fair white. This soap, named to be Kojie, or Kojic in other brands, really do amaze me for it whitens my skin so much. I’m one of the lucky user who was granted to have a truly whiter skin. It’s definitely effective, I gain lesser marks on my face, my pimples get dry easily and it really replenish my skin – as in totally fresh!

    Meanwhile, your soap using is different of mine but it’s also Kojic. It’s affordable also and I find it really effective. Better try it for those who haven’t got the chance.

  3. pwede ba sa lalaki yan? hahaha. sana pwede din. effective nga talaga yan sayo weak napansin ko. ayun, nice work weak! writer ka na talaga eh! proud of you! keep it up!

  4. I’ve been using Kojie for almost a year, I guess. My friend who is a guy told me something about that soap which works effectively on him. I decided to purchase one box and after some days, I can say it works on me too ;)) I have also posted a review of Kojie on my blog last April or May Haha.

  5. Sinuggest na sakin yan ng classmate ko. Effective daw kaso di ko pa natatry. hehehe. Pero totoo yan na nakakakinis ng mukha. 🙂

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